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Work at AlpinJet

We have been cleaning and decontaminating industrial installations using high-pressure methods for 15 years.

The strength of our company is our well-coordinated and trained team.
Feel welcome if you would like to join it. The work is demanding, which is
why we guarantee fair remuneration to all members of our team.

What is the job?

The work consists in cleaning industrial installations using high-pressure
washers or heads for cleaning pipelines, including at heights and with the
use of rope access solutions. The water pressure ranges from 200 to 2800
bars. We usually do short, 1–3 day assignments, with 1–2 day breaks in
between. We work all over Poland. See what our work looks like:

Who are we looking for?

Physically fit and mentally resilient people who will not be disturbed by an
irregular work schedule, often performed in uncomfortable conditions –
such as:
– cold or high temperature,
– enclosed spaces,
– contact with industrial sludges,
– work at heights.

  • We prefer people with mountaineering qualifications, but this is not a
    necessary condition – we also hire people without altitude training courses
    who intend to take part in such a course.
  • We prefer people from Poznań and the surrounding area because of the
    training that takes place at the company’s headquarters, but this is not a
    necessary condition – our team also includes people who live in other

What do we provide?

  • Transparent billing system – daily wages. Depending on the order, its
    difficulty and duration, qualifications and seniority, the daily wage is from
    PLN 800 to PLN 1,500.
  • Various forms of cooperation – we cooperate with people who run their
    own business or based on a contract of mandate.
  • Commute to the place of order execution or reimbursement for using a
    private car.
  • Accommodation and meals for multi-day orders.
  • Equipment needed to do the job.
  • Workwear and protective clothing in line with health and safety
  • Mountaineering equipment and personal protective equipment (PPE) –
    regularly checked by our own PPE inspector.

What does the recruitment process look like?

We recruit throughout the year. You can send your CV to the following e-
mail address: biuro@alpinjet.pl
Selected persons are invited to a meeting at our company in Suchy Las
near Poznań. Then we train them and start a trial period.